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We will manage your routine legal matters and transactions and should you face difficulties, we will turn legal problems into legal solutions by managing and resolving difficult legal issues and disputes.

Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services. Our office is very well equipped to acquire legal information and apply it to the events.

Our law team is made up of lawyers from professional cadres in most fields of law, and it is the only office in the Kingdom of Bahrain that provides high-quality and professional legal services in Arabic, English, Malayalam, Bangla, Filipino and Hindi.

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We Help you to Better Legal Solution

We provide a full range of legal services to meet your unique needs and rise to any challenge that comes your way. We can easily assist you in 6 different languages English, Arabic, Malayalam, Bangla, Filipino and Hindi.

The integration of solid arguments about the facts of the case, as well as the avoidance of faults or ignored evidence, may result in a quicker and more favorable resolution if you hire a lawyer with years of practice and competence. When a mission is handed to our company, the client gains access to a team of experienced and skilled experts that cooperate on every file and follow a strong code of ethics.


Team Member’s

Meet Our Professional Team Member’s

People tell us that we have a unique culture, and for that reason, we have loyal clients that have been using our services for a long period of time.


CEO and Senior lawyer of the firm with 8+ years’ experience in all kinds of legal cases, and professional help with all Business related issues as well.

Mahmood Ali Mahdi Alsammak

CEO and Senior Lawyer


4+ years’ experience who gained his Law Degree from Applied Science University and started his legal profession shortly afterwards

Hameed Ali Alsammak

Lawyer and Legal Affairs Supervisor


Overall with 24 years’ experience in Law . where he gained rich expertise in complex legal procedures.


Legal Advisor

We are Alsammak Legal Office and Business centre We are Alsammak legal office and Business centre. Our work is centred around achieving optimal client satisfaction, which has resulted in a highly transparent business model that

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